Discreet began development in 2021, with a vision to simplify fast borderless transfers of value.

As blockchain technology has gradually increased in popularity, and is now recognized in many jurisdictions as a financial product, we recognized the need for a network that can operate in a fast, private manner while being fully compliant within the new and emerging global regulatory landscape.

Cryptographically ensuring the privacy of spending habits, institutional settlements and fast, guaranteed private settlements are at the core of our mission. We realized that academic cryptography research was advanced enough to enable compliance with global jurisdictional laws and FATF recommendations, while still allowing for complete on-chain privacy.

With this goal in mind, we set out to research and build a novel infrastructure for flexible, fast, private transfers of value and the effort of years of research and development as well as implementation ultimately resulted in the Discreet protocol that offers completely novel features in the realm of decentralized currency.

Money and financial products are inherently a private matter, as is expected in traditional finance, and Discreet’s purpose is to replicate this environment of auditable, yet private transactions in a decentralized protocol, autonomously governed by volunteer validators.