is the future.

It really is, and here's why:


What is Discreet?

Discreet is a fully compliant global value transfer network that ensures near-instantaneous settlements and a privacy-oriented approach.

It’s an extendable, programmable network that allows for a wide variety of decentralized applications natively.

It is the future of digital remittance.


Why are we different?

Discreet keeps an unwavering focus on cryptographically-ensured privacy with an eye toward maintaining full regulatory compliance worldwide.

We provide a network that is ready for users and institutions to conduct business privately, across borders, while still maintaining compliance.


How do we compare to other/similar projects?

Discreet’s unique privacy features and focus on future-proof regulatory compliance makes it a technology that is institution-ready, without compromising user rights.

Discreet’s careful balance of verifiable privacy, tremendous speed, and rock-solid reliability makes it the first to fully realize the industry potential of a truly borderless global financial system, with everything that entails.


What are we looking to achieve with Discreet?

We encourage the adoption and longevity of decentralized finance by maturing the technology into something recognizable to both institutions and consumers, through embracing transaction and information privacy.

Discreet aims to be used for large international settlements by major companies, as well as secure and effortless personal settlements between individuals.